Kine Gameplay Preview – Challenging Musical Puzzles

Kine is a charming puzzle game about anthropomorphic instruments trying to make their way in life as musicians. You navigate through the levels by extending arm and leg like limbs and rotating and reorienting yourself until you reach the final destination. The mechanics are incredibly simple but it is much harder than it sounds. Continue reading Kine Gameplay Preview - Challenging Musical Puzzles

A Monster’s Expedition Gameplay Preview – Relaxing Puzzle Game

A Monster's Expedition is a very lovely and charming puzzle game where you play the role of a monster on holiday taking a trip through an outdoor museum studying humans. The game has some hilarious and wholesome exhibits that poke gentle fun at the silly things most people do in everyday life. Continue reading A Monster's Expedition Gameplay Preview - Relaxing Puzzle Game

Paradise Killer Gameplay Preview – Murder Mystery Visual Novel

Paradise Killer is a good ole murder mystery, who dun it visual novel. You follow around Lady Love Dies (that is actually her name and one of the least strange names in the game), the top investigative agent on Paradise Island, where things are obviously not a paradise. Continue reading Paradise Killer Gameplay Preview - Murder Mystery Visual Novel

Ever Forward Gameplay Preview – Cinematic Puzzle Game

There are usually two types of puzzle games. One type has a clear cut solution with only one possible path to that solution. For games like this, the main fun comes in figuring out the path to the win state, such as Portal 2. The other type of puzzle game has many possible paths. These are less structured and the fun comes in breaking the game in new and oftentimes hilarious ways, ala Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (a vastly underrated game). Ever Forward falls into the first category but it does a great job of obscuring the path to the solution and makes it feel like a more open world. Continue reading Ever Forward Gameplay Preview - Cinematic Puzzle Game

Metamorphosis Gameplay Preview – Its a bug’s life

Metamorphosis is an action adventure game loosely inspired by Franz Kafka's novella of the same title. You take on the role of Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman who has inexplicably turned into a bug. There's a lot of questions, seemingly no answers, and a lot of surreal turn of events as you follow Gregor on his journey to return to human form. Continue reading Metamorphosis Gameplay Preview - Its a bug's life