Night of the Dead Gameplay Preview – Zombie Survival Crafting

*Night of the Dead developed and published by Jackto Studios – August 28, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $24.99 (Steam) –

Night of the Dead is a survival crafting game set in a world filled with zombies. Surviving is already hard enough as is, but now you have to worry your rude, brain seeking neighbors who are ready to trash your humble abode at a moment’s notice.

Nothing says survival crafting like hitting a tree to make an item so you can hit more trees.

The game features the familiar gameplay of other survival crafting titles. You harvest resources from the environment or by scavenging in nearby buildings. You then use said resources to research and craft upgrades to make survival much easier.

Zombies will mostly stay out of your way during the daytime unless you wander into their territory.

Night of the Dead mixes up the gameplay a bit by throwing zombies into the mix. During the day, they usually stay out of your way but during the night, they will spawn in waves and attack non stop until the break of dawn.

The traps are massive and brutal and adds an additional layer of fun to the game.

The game adds an additional layer on top of this by letting you craft some brutal traps for the unsuspecting zombies. Spinning blades of destruction will cut zombies down to size (and death), and large swinging pendulums will smash zombies into oblivion. There are more traps to build and it definitely creates a fun way to survive the waves of zombies for those who don’t want a more combat oriented approach.

The game has silly extra things you can do like collect new clothing for your protagonist. Nothing adds flair to zombie killing like a pair of shorts…

Overall, Night of the Dead does lack some polish as of now but the base gameplay is still engaging and fun. It reminded me of playing the earlier versions of Rust and 7 Days to Die and that is high praise. The survival crafting elements are solid and fighting the zombies, especially by creating a large obstacle course of death, is fun. This game isn’t for everyone though. Like most other survival crafting games, it does take a bit of a grind to get to end game content and that may put some people off.

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