Eternal Return: Black Survival Gameplay Preview – Battle Royale Moba

Eternal Return: Black Survival is an interesting take on the battle royale genre. Items have pretty complicated blueprints and are crafted from components. Not only is the way you itemize in the game different, the combat feels more like a MOBA, such as League of Legends. Continue reading Eternal Return: Black Survival Gameplay Preview - Battle Royale Moba

Calico Gameplay Preview – Cat Cafe RPG

Calico is a cutesy cat cafe simulator that plays more like a traditional role playing game. You start off the game by taking over a cat cafe that your aunt used to run. You are now tasked with restoring the cafe to its former glory by redecorating it with all manner of adorable furniture, finding new furry companions to inhabit your cafe, and cooking up tasty treats. Continue reading Calico Gameplay Preview - Cat Cafe RPG

El Hijo Gameplay Preview – Full On Stealth

El Hijo: A Wild West Tale is a full on stealth puzzle game. You play as a young lad on a quest to search for his missing mother. The character lacks the means to confront the adults standing in his way so the only way forward is to sneak past everyone. He's so proficient at it, he could be raised by Solid Snake himself. Continue reading El Hijo Gameplay Preview - Full On Stealth