Spinch Gameplay Preview – Colorful and Strange Platformer

*Spinch developed by Queen Bee Games, published by Akupara Games – September 3, 2020 (Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/794240/Spinch/#app_reviews_hash

Spinch is a very colorful, quirky, and challenging platformer with some levels being incredibly well designed. The art style reminded me a bit of animated shows such as Adventure Time.

The dastardly colors have stolen your precious, spherical babies!

The game begins with a colorful villain swooping in and stealing your many spherical babies away and tearing the world apart. Now it’s up to you to save your children…by using them as bullets to hit the enemy. Truly there is no duty greater than that of a child serving as live ammunition.

Why cousin, why! Think of the children!

That is by far, is the least strangest thing in the game. There are strange colorful worms, tree hugging crocodile adjacent creatures, and much more. Let’s not even begin with the bonus mini game where your cousin throws his children down for you to catch. If you don’t, they will die in a horrifying splatter on the ground. There is a bonus in that you will obtain a bomb to hurl at the boss but at what cost, but at what cost! Think of the children!

Some of the levels are unique and have design concepts I haven’t seen before.

Strangeness and oddities aside, the core of the game is a very competent and well designed platformer. Some of the levels, such as the one with switches and rolling logs, show off some design concepts I haven’t really seen in other platformers. It controls well enough, and I even played on keyboard.

Nothing says you have a great parent-child bond like shooting them out of a canon.

Overall, Spinch may appear very odd at first but underneath its strangeness is a very solid platformer. The art style is great, minus all the flashing lights. They are a bit distracting and those sensitive to such things or suffering from epilepsy may want to avoid the game. The music is suitable enough for the game. Personally I was not a fan of it and I may have been a bit harsh in my initial impressions of the sound design as it has kind of grown on me the more time I spend playing the game. The level design, however, is very solid and provides for a enjoyable platforming experience.

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