Pumpkin Jack Gameplay Preview – Spoopy Scary Pumpkins

Pumpkin Jack is the perfect game to play to get into the spoopy, festive spirit of Halloween for all ages. It's a competent action adventure platformer that controls well and looks great. The game is chock full of lighthearted humor and tongue in cheek puns and manages to be somewhat wholesome, even though the devil supposedly released a curse to end mankind. Oh that trickster, always trying to end humanity. Continue reading Pumpkin Jack Gameplay Preview - Spoopy Scary Pumpkins

Blasphemous Gameplay Preview – Weirdly Dark Metroidvania

Blasphemous is a very competent and well made game paired with an incredibly strange tone. The game is very self serious and never breaks from its odd and dark themes for even a moment. Let me give an example to elucidate the overall feeling of the game. To increase my health points, I ran into a lady who had many swords impaling her. After a dramatic speech, she hands me one of the swords and this somehow increases my health. Nothing makes sense yet Blasphemous manages to make the absurd seem normal. Continue reading Blasphemous Gameplay Preview - Weirdly Dark Metroidvania

Metamorphosis Gameplay Preview – Its a bug’s life

Metamorphosis is an action adventure game loosely inspired by Franz Kafka's novella of the same title. You take on the role of Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman who has inexplicably turned into a bug. There's a lot of questions, seemingly no answers, and a lot of surreal turn of events as you follow Gregor on his journey to return to human form. Continue reading Metamorphosis Gameplay Preview - Its a bug's life

Neon Abyss Gameplay Preview – The future is colorful

Neon Abyss is very colorful 2D sprite based platforming shooter. The game provides a generous amount of upgrades so that by the end of your run, you are puking out colorful projectiles of mass destruction. My personal favorite item is the popcorn, which causes your projectiles to explode upon impact. Continue reading Neon Abyss Gameplay Preview - The future is colorful

Terrorarium Gameplay Preview – Pikmin Adjacent

I try my hardest when writing about games to not compare them to other similar games because I feel like that is a really lazy way to describe something. I'm still guilty of doing it from time to time because it's a hard habit to break out of, but I think there's no way around it this time. Terrorarium is a Pikmin-esque game. Continue reading Terrorarium Gameplay Preview - Pikmin Adjacent

Radical Rabbit Stew – Old School Puzzle Platformer

Radical Rabbit Stew is a charming puzzle platformer evoking an old school vibe through the graphics and sound effects. You play the role of the cleaning boy working in the Legendary Space Diner, whose chefs have been kidnapped by the dastardly Rabbit Queen. The main goal of the game is to rescue your imprisoned friends by knocking the minions of the Rabbit Queen back into stew pots with a giant spoon. Continue reading Radical Rabbit Stew - Old School Puzzle Platformer

Neko Ghost, Jump! Gameplay Preview – Perspective changing platformer

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a 3D platformer with two interesting mechanics that add a fresh twist to the game play. One is the ability to change the perspective of the map from a more traditional 2D platformer that moves from left to right to a completely 3D platformer. This is used in many interesting ways to navigate the levels as well as obtain hidden collectable items. The second is the ability to shift into a ghost form to fight enemies. Continue reading Neko Ghost, Jump! Gameplay Preview - Perspective changing platformer