Death Tales Gameplay Preview – Colorful 2D Action Platformer

Death Tales is an incredibly colorful 2D action platformer where you follow a reaper as his goes about his daily job of collecting souls. Of course things don't go as planned and lady Death has gone a little bit overzealous with the whole soul collecting business. Continue reading Death Tales Gameplay Preview - Colorful 2D Action Platformer

Shot in the Dark Gameplay Preview – Minimal Graphic Platformer

Shot in the Dark is a retro 2D platformer with a very minimal art style. It uses primarily only two colors, black and white, as well as some red to accent some things. The lack of color and low resolution graphics lead to very interesting and creative level designs and game play mechanics. Continue reading Shot in the Dark Gameplay Preview - Minimal Graphic Platformer

Pumpkin Jack Gameplay Preview – Spoopy Scary Pumpkins

Pumpkin Jack is the perfect game to play to get into the spoopy, festive spirit of Halloween for all ages. It's a competent action adventure platformer that controls well and looks great. The game is chock full of lighthearted humor and tongue in cheek puns and manages to be somewhat wholesome, even though the devil supposedly released a curse to end mankind. Oh that trickster, always trying to end humanity. Continue reading Pumpkin Jack Gameplay Preview - Spoopy Scary Pumpkins

Blasphemous Gameplay Preview – Weirdly Dark Metroidvania

Blasphemous is a very competent and well made game paired with an incredibly strange tone. The game is very self serious and never breaks from its odd and dark themes for even a moment. Let me give an example to elucidate the overall feeling of the game. To increase my health points, I ran into a lady who had many swords impaling her. After a dramatic speech, she hands me one of the swords and this somehow increases my health. Nothing makes sense yet Blasphemous manages to make the absurd seem normal. Continue reading Blasphemous Gameplay Preview - Weirdly Dark Metroidvania