Quest of Wizard Gameplay Preview

Developed by Alexey Suslin, published by WhisperGames – December 1, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $2.99 –

Quest of Wizard is a platformer. The graphics and animations are a little bare bones but the game play is pretty fun and reminiscent of old school arcade games.

You have an overworld map where you can select which level to play.

Quest of Wizard’s premise is very simple. You select levels from an overworld map and try to reach the end of the level. Along the way, you’ll encounter enemies. You start off with one spell but you can purchase more and upgrade them as you earn gold.

The levels have hidden treasures behind walls. If you jump through the walls they will disappear.

The levels also have treasures hidden behind walls. You just jump through the walls to reveal them. Collecting all the treasures will unlock an achievement for that level.

As you clear the levels and earn money, you can use the money to unlock additional perks in addition to new spells and spell upgrades. I’d recommend getting the fifty percent increase to found gold as your first upgrade as it decreases the total amount of money you will need to farm to get all the upgrades.

The game definitely looks a bit rough. The art looks a bit plain and repetitive and the animations are lacking. The game play however is pretty decent. You have a dash move that gives you invincibility frames so you can dash through any enemy attack. The fighting feels pretty good as you get into the rhythm of attacking and dashing while keeping track of your stamina.

I remember the times when every game had an obligatory mine cart level. This mine cart is humongous by the way.

The level design is pretty bland as well but some are reminiscent of older arcade or Super Nintendo games. There’s a level where you ride a mine cart. If you break it down, you’re just standing on a rectangle platform while the background moves but it did bring back memories of the older games I played when I was a child.

Overall, Quest of Wizard is a pretty ok game. The game looks a bit bland but the game play is pretty fun.

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