Fling to the Finish Gameplay Preview – This Game is Evil!

Developed by SplitSide Games, published by Daedalic Entertainment – August 23, 2021 (S, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1054430/Fling_to_the_Finish/

Fling to the Finish is a goofy platformer where you and a friend each control a ball tethered together by a very elastic band. The game is pure evil. Since you are tethered to your friend, you will most definitely fall to your death one way or another as the game provides plenty of pitfalls, obstacles, and deviously placed explosives. If they don’t get you, your own teammate will. This game will definitely break friendships and end marriages. For those of you who want to keep their sanity or have no friends like me, you can play solo.

The levels require some intricate teamwork. Good luck!

The platforming requires a great deal of teamwork to make it to the end of each level. Each ball can move, jump, stick to surfaces, and fling your teammate. The later levels have obstacles that require intricate timing. For example, one level had a series of vertical poles floating in the air. One person had to fling the other to the pole, have the flung person stick to that pole, and then fling the other person to the next pole and so forth. It sounds easy but one mistake will lead to both of you falling to your deaths.

There are plenty of worlds to explore and hilariously fail at.

The game has many worlds and each world has a handful of levels. For each level you have a basic exploration run where you can freely explore and get to the end at your leisure. This mode has three collectable ducks hidden throughout the level. Some are pretty well hidden so you need to explore each level well. Collecting more ducks will unlock new worlds as well as new cosmetic items. The other modes include a timed race, and a timed coin collecting run. Completing both under the required time limits will also earn you more ducks.

The game does add in different modes, such as the timed coin collecting runs shown above. They just came up with more ways for you to die.

The game is pretty fun to play. It’s very reminiscent of the silly fun and goofing around that can be had in games like Overcooked. Fling to the Finish is designed with hilarious failure in mind. That said, you can definitely get good at the game as there is actual mechanic depth to the game, much like Overcooked.

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