Felix the Toy Gameplay Preview

Developed by XYX Games, published by Tero Lunkka, Valkeala Software – March 3, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $1.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1571070/Felix_The_Toy/

Felix the Toy is a platformer made in the vein of the Toy Story 2 game originally released in 1999 on the PlayStation 1. It is a bit rough in terms of polish but the potential is there.

This is the more relaxed exploration mode where you collect all the keys to beat the level.

You play a small toy navigating a large world. The goal is to collect all the items as you platform your way across the levels. The platforming and exploration feel pretty ok but the game could definitely use more polish. The game has no options to change basic things such as the resolution and the easiest way to quit the game is to just ALT-F4. The game also suffers from invisible walls blocking what seem like potential paths in certain parts of the game. It is pretty frustrating as it makes it look like you can go take a certain path only to fall off due to being blocked by something invisible and have to start over again.

The game is very rough but manages to capture the nostalgia of old 3D platformers.

Overall, the game did manage to capture the nostalgia of playing old 3D platformers. It is fun enough but definitely needs more polish. Kudos to the developer for finishing the game and hope you continue to improve and make more games in the future.

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