A Monster’s Expedition Gameplay Preview – Relaxing Puzzle Game

*A Monster’s Expedition developed by Draknek & Friends, published by Draknek – September 10, 2020 (Apple Arcade, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1052990/A_Monsters_Expedition/

A Monster’s Expedition is a very lovely and charming puzzle game where you play the role of a monster on holiday taking a trip through an outdoor museum studying humans. The game has some hilarious and wholesome exhibits that poke gentle fun at the silly things most people do in everyday life.

The puzzle mechanic is extremely simple yet is used in many ways. Who knew moving logs would be so hard?

The puzzle mechanic itself is very simple. You simply push over trees and then reposition the logs to form bridges to new areas. It sounds simple but it can be way more challenging than it appears at times.

The map is very large and has branching paths, with fast travel points. Feel free to explore to your heart’s content!

As you progress in exploring the museum, the puzzles slowly add in new mechanics, such as forming rafts to sail away, to add in a new layer of challenge. Despite some of the puzzles being difficult, the game does not rush you and has a reset and undo feature to help you solve the puzzles with as little frustration as possible. Even if you get stuck on one puzzle, the game features multiple branching paths so you can simply go in a different direction.

The exhibits are very tongue in cheek and wholesome.

This produces a very relaxing and calming experience while remaining challenging and mentally stimulating. This combined with the soft art, gentle music and ambient sounds make for a most relaxing puzzle game.

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