Kine Gameplay Preview – Challenging Musical Puzzles

*Kine developed and published by Chump Squad – October 19, 2020 (Xbox, PS4, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) –

Kine is a charming puzzle game about anthropomorphic instruments trying to make their way in life as musicians. You navigate through the levels by extending arm and leg like limbs and rotating and reorienting yourself until you reach the final destination. The mechanics are incredibly simple but it is much harder than it sounds.

You play as one of three main instruments, an accordion, a drum set, and a trombone. In later levels you control more than one at the same time.

The levels start out simple and you can play as one of three main instruments, an accordion, a drum set, and a trombone. As the levels progress, you will have to control them at the same time, leading to more chaos as you try to figure out the elaborate solutions.

Later levels introduce new mechanics to master such as sliding platforms. They add in a whole new layer of headaches.

The game also introduces new mechanics to master as well, such as sliding platforms. All the mechanics sound simple on paper but Kine is surprisingly challenging because the puzzles do a great job of obfuscating the final step needed for solutions, making it much harder to work back from the answer. A lot of the puzzles are straight forward, but some are challenging enough where you have to work off of educated guesses and some trial and error.

There are plenty of puzzles and the game will take around 6 or more hours to beat.

Overall, Kine is a well made and satisfying puzzle game. The artwork is gorgeous, and the music is incredible as well. It slowly builds up with more instruments coming in as you progress in the level, creating an even greater sense of reward for solving the puzzles. Most importantly, the puzzles are well designed. Even with only one solution they feel open ended, making it much more challenging to solve. The artwork, soundtrack, and puzzles come together to create a uniquely satisfying experience.

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