One Hand Clapping Gameplay Preview – A rhythm platformer controlled with your voice

Developed by Bad Dream Games, published by HandyGames (Xbox 1, PS4, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

One Hand Clapping is a very interesting take on a rhythm platformer. You move left and right and jump normally as one would in a platforming game but One Hand Clapping adds in mechanics where you must use your voice.

This boss fight required you to move the character up and down to avoid obstacles using only your voice.

The game takes an unique approach to integrating vocal sounds into the platforming. The game starts you off making simple sounds to activate certain switches and platforms. And then it progresses into changing the pitch of your voice to create pathways. It finally culminates in a boss fight where you have to move your character up and down with your voice to avoid obstacles in order to escape the darkness chasing you.

One of the first mechanics you learn is creating pathways by shifting the pitch of your voice. As you can see here I did not do so well.

The next areas build on and add to the unique vocal mechanics. For example, they take the pathway creation mechanic and add in obstacles. If the path touches the obstacles, it will get destroyed so now you have to add stopping your voice on top of controlling the pitch. One area turns into a more traditional rhythm platformer and has you creating drum patterns to control the timing of platforms. They introduce new mechanics at a good pace and it keeps the game interesting.

Along with the ever changing mechanics are the graphics and level design. The game has a very colorful and cheerful art style. It looks very cute and each area not only has new mechanics but has a distinct art style as well.

This section focused on rhythm and pressing buttons at the right time.

Style aside, the vocal mechanics were definitely interesting. I have to be honest here, I am not the greatest singer in the world. In fact, I’d say I’m pretty awful at singing. Playing this game made me feel super self conscious but as time went on I found myself enjoying the game and caring less about how I sounded. It made me more interested in being able to sing but that’ll be for another time.

The art style is gorgeous and very cute!

Overall, One Hand Clapping is an unique take on a platformer. The controls are solid, although I did have to adjust the vocal range and sensitivity as my voice is on the low end and the game had difficulty detecting it. Between the cute art style, integration of music into the level design, and the vocal controls, One Hand Clapping makes for a very interesting experience.

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