Alekon Gameplay Preview – Cute, wholesome nature photography game

Developed and published by The Alekon Company (PC)
*MSRP: $15.99 –

Alekon is a very cute, goofy, and wholesome game where you take pictures of Pokemon like creatures.

The game is reminiscent of Pokemon Snap. Alekon does provide a loose narrative structure for why you are taking pictures of animals. The realms of Alekon are in danger of becoming dull and you are the only one who can help by taking photographs of the animals, also known as Fictions, with your memory lens and restoring creativity in each realm.

The main goal of the game is to take the best pictures of each Fiction. Some are pretty goofy as shown above.

You start each realm with an on rails segment where you take photos of Fictions. You can take pictures of different Fictions as well as the same Fiction in different poses. As you progress through the level, you can throw donuts to interact with certain objects. Once these objects are triggered, you will usually see a very short cutscene, and complete a side mission or unlock a new area. Once you’ve reached the end, you will be scored on your photos.

You are scored on Size, Center, Angle, and Visibility. It’s pretty easy to get a high score once you unlock the wander mode.

You will receive a higher score the more centered the Fiction is, as well as having a clear view of the entire body, having the lens zoomed in enough so that the Fiction takes up as much of the frame as possible, and making sure the Fiction is looking at the lens. Receive a higher score will earn you more Creativity, which is used to unlock a new realm.

Once you play all the on rails segments for the realm, you unlock the Wander mode. This will let you walk around and take pictures freely, letting you explore at your own pace. You can improve photos of Fictions you’ve already taken or explore the realm for secrets. The secrets can be pretty involved.

For example, in the first realm there is a small pond with bubbles coming from below. Once you throw a donut into the pond, a rather large but friendly looking sea creature emerges. It turns out that this creature is the Lord of the Seas, a being that controls the waves of the ocean. Long story short, it needs a picture of the moon so you enter a secret area and climb to the top to take a photo of the moon.

Fictions show up as characters in the hub world once you photograph them. They usually have a quest for you.

After you take a photo of a Fiction, they appear in the main hub world as characters. Usually they have a small side quest for you to complete. Once completed they will reward you with an ability (such as being able to throw the donut faster and farther) or unlock cosmetic options (such as being able to put mustaches on every Fiction).

The side quests are really simple and easy to complete but it does a great job of providing something else to do other than taking pictures. It also creates a sense of progression in the game so it feels like you are accomplishing something and gives you clear goals to aim for.

Overall, Alekon is a very pleasant and wholesome game. The mechanics are very simple and easy to grasp. The game has some loose structure to provide you goals to work towards. The graphics are well done and everything looks very cute. The soundtrack is excellent as well and helps to create a calm environment. Alekon is the perfect game for people looking for a relaxing and simple experience.

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