Through the Nightmares Extended Demo Gameplay Preview

*Through the Nightmares by Sandman Team, published by CreativeForge Games

I’ve previously covered the demo for Through the Nightmares and the developers were kind enough to send me an extended build. The new demo has more levels and let me tell you, they are quite difficult. They’re not impossible or unfair, but there is definitely a learning curve.

The extended demo fleshes out the world more and introduces your main antagonist, Morpheus.

Difficulty aside, some of the new things I noticed in the demo were bits of more polish to give an idea of what the final game would be like. They included cut scenes to flesh out the world and the backstory of each character you are on a mission to save. They also introduce the main antagonist, a dastardly man named Morpheus.

The new levels are way more difficult and challenging in a fun way.

The new levels also give a pretty good idea of where the game is going. The newer levels are way more difficult and add in new obstacles to the game. The second set of levels after the first boss encounter in the demo included obstacles such as fast moving spikes, what looked like a potato launcher, and giant rolling boulders. These levels required more attention to the environment and an emphasis on timing your moves correctly.

The second boss fight was different from the first and focused on memorizing attack patterns.

The second boss fight was interesting as well as it was pretty different from the first boss fight, which was simply an escape sequence. The second boss fight was oriented around memorizing attack patterns and avoiding them until the end. The game continued to introduce new mechanics and ways to play at a good pace. This kept the game interesting and challenging because just when you felt like you got the hang of navigating a level, they introduce new challenges.

Overall, Through the Nightmares looks like it is shaping up to be a very solid platformer. It’s definitely challenging and the levels are well made.

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