GTFO Gameplay Preview – Difficult Tactical Survival

*GTFO developed and published by 10 Chambers – December 9, 2019 (PC)
*MSRP: 34.99 (Steam) –

GTFO is a surprisingly difficult tactical shooter. The game places a heavy emphasis on teamwork and will not scale the difficulty if you play it by yourself. Playing solo is only recommended for masochists.

Different levels have different objectives. This one required us to power 3 generators before we could leave the level.

GTFO is a gritty sci-fi tactical shooter where you play as a squad descending into alien infested depths to achieve some sort of goal and exit alive. The goal and enemies you face may differ from level to level. For example, one level will require you to collect hard drives, while another may require you to power generators. The reason why GTFO is so difficult is that health restoratives and additional ammo are extremely limited and hard to come by. The levels are massive and littered with hostile aliens and navigating such a deadly maze takes a lot of coordination and effort from your squad.

Getting downed if your squad makes a mistake is very easy and extra health comes in very limited quantities.

The aliens do start off in a non hostile state and can easily be killed with a melee swing if you manage to sneak up on them. There are some difficulties in doing so in that almost any action you take, such as standing up from crouch or vice versa, will create a sound and alert nearby aliens. The game rewards a slow and methodical play style where you eliminate most enemies with coordinated stealth attacks to wipe out all the aliens at once so no creatures are aggressed. There are some points where you will have to fight aliens and that is during security doors that trigger alarms. You will have to stand in designated areas to finish security scans while holding off a swarm of aliens before the door will open.

Overall, GTFO is indeed quite difficult and slower paced, but satisfying once you do finish a level. Levels will take multiple tries before your squad will clear it, but it is incredibly rewarding when you do so. The game has a steep learning curve and learning things such as how to operate the terminals, which simulate a basic DOS command prompt, will make your experience in the game much more pleasant. There isn’t a game quite like GTFO out there right now and it may be just the game some are looking for.

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