VR Preview: PowerBeatsVR – VR Fitness

*PowerBeatsVR developed and published by Five Mind Creations
*MSRP: $19.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/810500/PowerBeatsVR__VR_Fitness/

PowerBeatsVR is a VR fitness game and boy does it deliver! I was sweating after playing for a few minutes and my thighs were especially sore. To be fair, I am pretty out of shape.

The premise of the game is incredibly simple, use your hands to punch flying spherical objects, timed to music.

The game has a very simple premise, you use your hands to punch spherical objects flying at your face. It only uses hand tracking and no buttons are needed. The objects are timed to the music so there is a rhythmic element to your movement. As you increase the game’s difficulty, PowerBeats throws in more challenging obstacles that make you move your entire body such as walls and floating mines, which can be dodged by side stepping or squatting.

The game adds more obstacles such as walls and mines, which require you to squat and step side to side.

As a fitness game, it is incredibly effective. The need to constantly be moving your arms and legs at a quick pace is an effective form of cardio. Compared to other fitness games that I have played personally such as Beat Saber, Ring Fit Adventure, and Synth Riders, PowerBeatsVR was the most effective at working up a sweat for me. It was the first game to make me physically sore.

You will require a tad more floor space than other games with more stationary play styles, as you will be moving a step to either side and punching sideways and forwards with your arms. I managed to play in a cramped office space and while I managed to play successfully, I was a little worried I would punch a piece of furniture or a monitor.

As the game increases in difficulty, you will moving your arms and legs frequently, working up quite a sweat.

Since you will be working up quite a sweat, I would also highly recommend using a sweatband and a waterproof face cover. I played the game with the Oculus Quest 2 and let’s just say the default foam cover is going to get pretty repulsive rather quickly.

Overall, PowerBeatsVR is a fun and surprisingly effective fitness game, especially for folks who don’t have easy access to a gym or have the desire to go outside.

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