Neon Abyss Gameplay Preview – The future is colorful

*Neon Abyss developed by Veewo Games, published by Team17 Digital Ltd – July 14, 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam) –

Neon Abyss is very colorful 2D sprite based platforming shooter. The game provides a generous amount of upgrades so that by the end of your run, you are puking out colorful projectiles of mass destruction. My personal favorite item is the popcorn, which causes your projectiles to explode upon impact.

You start the game off at a bar where you can purchase upgrades to unlock. You can also dance.

The game starts you off at a bar, where you can change the difficulty level, unlock upgrades, change your character, and start a new run. The upgrades consist mostly of new items and characters. You can also obtain eggs in each run that hatch into monsters that provide passive bonuses or actively attack enemies. You can grow an incredibly long line of eggs/monsters to the point it becomes ridiculous.

The goal of each run is to make it alive to the very end and defeat the end boss.

The goal of each run is to reach the end of the level, defeat the boss, and make it out alive with enough upgrades to proceed to the very last level to fight the end game boss. The game is pretty fair in terms of difficulty and most of the hardships come from trying to last long enough to make it to the end boss.

The unlockable items make a significant impact. Double jump allows you to access chests out of reach.

The balancing of the game seems to be in a good place where each individual encounter is fairly simple to beat and the upgrades feel like they actually make a difference in your current run. The challenges come in surviving long enough to make it to the end boss as every small mistake will decrease that chance.

The game lets you get ridiculously overpowered with damage upgrades and a long train of monsters. Fun times for all!

Overall, Neon Abyss is a fun platforming shooter that doesn’t take itself too seriously and allows you to become ridiculously overpowered. This is a welcome change compared to some other games where they are incredibly difficult for the sake of being difficult. The game looks great, featuring a lot of neon colors, the sound track is absolutely fantastic, and the gameplay is solid and ridiculously fun.

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