Neko Ghost, Jump! Gameplay Preview – Perspective changing platformer

*Neko Ghost, Jump! developed and published by Burgos Games – Coming Soon (Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: TBA (Steam) –

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a 3D platformer with two interesting mechanics that add a fresh twist to the game play. One is the ability to change the perspective of the map from a more traditional 2D platformer that moves from left to right to a completely 3D platformer. This is used in many interesting ways to navigate the levels as well as obtain hidden collectable items. The second is the ability to shift into a ghost form to fight enemies.

Some of the top leaderboard scores are insane. 1.71 seconds?! How is that even possible…

The game offers a refreshingly challenging level of difficulty. It will take many runs through a level before a player can collect all the coins. In addition to this is an online leaderboard that will definitely motivate the more competitive players to revisit levels and attempt to score a faster run.

Each world has a unique biome as well as new platforming mechanics to master.

The game features different worlds, each with their own biomes and twists on existing mechanics, such as extending bridges, bounce pads, and etc. In addition to this, the levels end in a boss fight. For the first boss fight against the Flower Boss, you have to rapidly switch back and forth between the ghost form and normal to alternate between attacking the boss’s minions and dodging rolling spikes. It’s pretty hectic but the combat feels rewarding once you get into the rhythm of it.

The perspective shifting and form changing mechanics add a delightfully challenging rhythm to the platforming and combat.

Overall, Neko Ghost, Jump! is shaping up to be a very solid and competent 3D platformer. The controls feel great and the challenging nature of the game creates a sense of accomplishment once you master the mechanics.

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