Hello Guest Demo Full Run and Gameplay Preview

*Hello Guest developed and published by tinyBuild – Coming Soon
*MSRP: TBA (Steam) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1321680/Hello_Guest/

Hello Guest is a horror exploration game set in the Hello Neighbor universe. You take on the role of an unnamed protagonist who is hired to take care of a run down, and sufficiently spooky, amusement park. Your main goal is to check the top of the mountain, and that road is filled with many obstacles and sometimes incredibly difficult puzzles.

You can spend your hard earned money at the store in between shifts to purchase much needed gear.

You have a limited amount of time each day to explore and figure out the mysteries of the amusement park. When the time runs out, your shift will end. You will then have the option of continuing on to the next day or stopping by the shop to purchase items with your hard earned cash.

Not doing your job properly will result in payment penalties.

You will get money penalized from your paycheck for property damage, ending your shift early, and getting injured. Property damage occurs from interlopers trespassing onto the property and kicking at the stalls. You can stop them by running up to them and they will flee and halt their dastardly deeds of vandalism temporarily.

You can end a shift early by getting injured from falling or by choosing to leave the amusement park. Meanwhile, this mysterious bird like creature is stalking your every move. It moves with surprisingly agility and if you leave your back turned to it for too long, it will pounce on you and you will lose a significant amount of time for that day. Looking directly at the bird will cause it to run away; it must be a very shy bird.

When you solve a puzzle, the game makes you feel like a genius.

The puzzles feel like ones often found in escape rooms. Some of them are logic based, and require you to think outside the box in order to find the solution. Others require exploration and observation of the environment around you. Other puzzles however, are difficult due to the lack of proper context and clues and requires solving by brute force or by guessing.

The final jump sequence was a pain!

Overall, the demo for Hello Guest was incredibly frustrating at times but also incredibly rewarding and immersive. The game had me hooked and I wanted to explore the world around me and figure out every secret. Solving a puzzle makes you feel like a genius and has the added bonus of making another area of the amusement park available. Hello Guest seems to be shaping up to be another solid title and the full release can not come soon enough!

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