Fury Unleashed Gameplay Preview – Comic Book Inspired Rogue Lite

*Fury Unleashed developed & published by Awesome Games Studio – May 8, 2020 (Full Release)
*MSRP: $19.99 (Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) – https://store.steampowered.com/app/465200/Fury_Unleashed/

Fury Unleashed is a platformer rogue lite that handles like a twin stick shooter. It blends a lot of these separate genres together seamlessly to provide a unique and challenging experience.

Lot of things to dodge, must not have a lot of friends in these parts.

The game has you navigating the levels while dodging bullets from stationary turrets as well as the enemies so it quickly turns into a bullet hell like experience. It’s vital not to get hit as health is limited, as well to keep your combo meter going.

Continuing your combo meter is an important part of the core gameplay mechanic!

The game’s core mechanic focuses around continuously damaging and finishing off enemies to rack up a high combo meter, which will reward you with higher currency drops as well as temporary buffs and health. This creates a hectic and frantic flow of battle that keeps the heart pumping and palms sweaty.

Everything is presented as taking place in the world of comic books.

As you progress through the levels, which are presented as comic book chapters, you gain currency that levels up the main protagonist, aptly named Fury. Once you die through your main run, you are returned to the menu screen where you can spend the skill points on passive upgrades to make the runs easier.

I saw this screen quite a bit. Thankfully I gain passive skills to make future runs easier.

The game is definitely beatable on your first run for highly skilled players but if you are like me, you’ll definitely end up dying over and over again. There is an easy mode available but some achievements will be unattainable.

Overall, Fury Unleashed is a very polished and challenging rogue lite. It looks great, feels smooth, and the music is excellent. As you rack up your combo meter, the music swells to up dramatically to epic proportions. Fans of roguelites, platforms, and twin stick shooters have another solid entry to look forward to.

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