Ducky Obrien Show Ep 6 – Month in Review – Never Again

Ducky Obrien Show 006 – Never Again Video

Oh boy, what a month. In between covering twenty games alone in the month of April and having to use my slower home internet instead of my library’s, I’ve been short on both time and bandwidth. Excuses aside, I finally manage to record and upload my sixth episode. It took forever, never again will I delay an episode for a month.

Other than covering twenty games, I go over a few new releases. The one I’m most exited about is Deadly Premonition 2! The first deadly premonition has a cult following, borrowing heavily from Twin Peaks. Let’s just say the game isn’t a masterpiece but it is wonderfully broken, very strange, but also weirdly charming. The second one seems to be borrowing from True Detective this time around. Let’s see what the coffee says about this game Zack. Oh, it’s going to be another wild ride? So says Mr. Stewart.

In news, Geoff Keighley is putting together the Summer Games Fest, an online outlet for video game news, previews, demos, and events to replace the gaping hole left by the lack of an E3 this year. Man is doing work to get Video Games taken seriously by mainstream media and he is doing wonders. Kudos to Geoff. Anyways the Summer Games Fest will take place from May to August so keep your eyes peeled for more news!

Finally, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was revealed. Vikings and assassins? Say no more, you got me sold! The hidden blade also makes a return but in a literal twist, it is now firmly located on the top of your wrist instead of the bottom. What a sharp turn of events.

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