The Escaper Hidden Achievements Guide

Video Guide

The Escaper recently added four new hidden achievements, No Easy Way Out, High Score!, Genious, and Bullseye!

No Easy Way Out – Dial 911 – This one is pretty straight forward. You dial 911 on the phone in room one.

High Score! – Score 200 points in Highway Run – This one is probably the hardest achievement in the game as it requires you to play the game and score at least two hundred points. You can get to the handheld game quick by manipulating the key sign near the locked door into the proper position, grab the mini screwdriver, and then use it to remove the battery from the watch on the couch. After using the magnet from the lobby desk lamp to solve the maze and grab the key, you can immediately insert the battery into the handheld and start playing.

The best tip I can give for playing this game is to be patient and grab all the coins that you can. When you get trapped by a car on either side and a car ahead, there is a very small window in which you can dodge the cars. The cars on the side despawn faster, giving you a small window of opportunity to dodge the car head of you. It takes a little while to get used to the timing but it’s doable. You can do it! You also get the achievement once you die, so don’t panic if you got two hundred points or more and the achievement doesn’t unlock.

Genious! – Score 10/10 in the IQ test – This one can be hard but thankfully I did the hard work for you already. The answers are B, B, C, C, D, C, C, C, D, D. If you want an explanation of why, refer to the video linked above.

Bullseye! – Hit the center of the dartboard – Score a bullseye! That’s it! And there you have it, all four hidden achievements unlocked. If you guys need a walkthrough of the levels, let me know in the comments below and I’ll make one!

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