Black Skylands: Origins Gameplay Preview – Twinstick RPG with Farming Elements

*Black Skylands by Hungry Couch Games, published by tinyBuild – Q4 2020
*MSRP: TBA (Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch) –

Black Skylands brings to mind the sprite based role playing games of old mashed with a little bit of Harvest Moon. You play the role of Walter, the son of the Earner chief. The Earner faction is in charge of farming and producing the needed materials in the land of Aspya.

Kain and his stupid feather on his head, how does he manage to keep it on?!

The land is suddenly thrown into chaos as Kain and his band of marauders, named the Falcons, invade the once peaceful lands and force tribute on all of the peoples. Walter sets off on a quest to rebuild his home and set things right as he embarks on a quest for justice by…farming! And shooting, lots of shooting.

The main game feels very much like a twinstick shooter. So many bullets.

The main gameplay loop is very similar to a twinstick shooter. You control Walter from a top down perspective, and engage in combat by shooting while dodging enemy attacks.

You’ll be able to find and craft many different types of weapons and mod them as well. Watch out Kain!

To aid you in combat, you can find and build many different weapon types that suit different playstyles, such as the sniper rifle which excels at long range engagements or the shotgun, which is dangerously effective at close range.

The Hippo, your trusty airship. Many memories to be shared lay ahead.

You travel the skylands by way of your trusty airship, the Hippo. As you go from island to island, completing quests, fighting enemies, and gathering resources, you take all of that progress back to your mothership. On the mothership, you are able to build farms, construct buildings, and build and upgrade gear. It is equal parts base building and farming simulator.

The game also features a farming simulator aspect, much like Harvest Moon.

The demo takes around an hour to beat and gives you a feel for what the finished product will be like. It’s out now and available for free so please feel free to check it out if you are so inclined!

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