ZeroGrave Gameplay Preview – Old School 6DoF like Descent

*ZeroGrave developed and published by Ebonscale Games – May 5, 2020
*MSRP: $5.99 (Steam) –

ZeroGrave hearkens back to an older style of game rarely seen nowadays. I am talking about the old six degrees of freedom corridor shooters like Descent released way back in 1994. ZeroGrave is an early access game but shows considerable polish and looks like it has a shiny coat of paint on compared to the original Descent.

The return to six degrees of freedom! Brings back memories of Descent.

These types of games are referred to as having six degrees of freedom (or 6DoF for short) because not only can you move forward, backward, left, and right, but also up and down as well rotate the camera.

The main gameplay loop consists of the player navigating through each level to find the exit while fighting enemies and trying to find the necessary key card to open locked doors.

As you gain tech points, you unlock weapons and passive upgrades.

As you progress, you gain tech points which unlock new weapons and passive upgrades. You have two weapon load outs at a time and can switch between the two freely. As you unlock more levels, the enemy types and attack patterns get increasingly difficult to manage.

ZeroGrave will scratch that itch for fans of the original Descent. It certainly brought back a lot of fond memories playing the game.

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