Free Solo: The DLC of Trash Gameplay Preview – Climbing Shenanigans

*Free Solo: The Dlc of Trash by Romplestompskin
*Game Download:

Free Solo: The DLC of Trash is a hilariously challenging but fair climbing simulator. It is very reminiscent of the running simulator QWOP where each key controls a separate limb and you have to move them all in unison to get to the goal.

The goal is to clean the mountain of all trash. Let’s go Captain Planet!

The main objective is to scale the mountain and collect pieces of trash littered about the mountain while trying not to succumb to the seductive whispers of gravity. Don’t listen to her, she is known to be a harsh mistress!

Gravity is a harsh mistress. Where we’re going, we won’t need to climb.

The game was developed as a submission to the Untitled Game Jam 22 and was developed in the span of a week. The developer has a slew of features planned for future versions such as user created levels and co-op play.

Did I mention the game is available for free right now? Go download it and give it a try!

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