Recon Control Gameplay Preview

Developed by Dmitry Kozlov, published by GrabTheGames – November 4, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

Recon Control is a very punishing turn based strategy game. I was honestly not expecting the game to be so difficult that I was taken aback when I first played it.

You select a mission and up to 4 troops usually.

The game puts you in control of up to four soldiers infiltrating enemy bases and usually taking out an enemy commander or destroying some sort of cargo. It’s very easy to die if you run in unprepared as the levels usually have a lot of enemies.

You want to take most engagements where your troops are behind cover and only fighting one enemy at a time. Sometimes things don’t work out.

Moving into position behind cover is essential, as well as baiting the enemies to come in one at a time past doors. Doing so well guarantee that your troops will survive by taking encounters one at time while minimizing incoming damage as the doors will block enemy fire. Even while playing incredibly safe, you do have those very frustrating moments where your soldiers miss a shot they should have made or you make one wrong move and suddenly you die.

Before and after missions, you can unlock new armor, weapons, and gear by using gold bars from successfully completed missions and then purchasing said gear using money. Each soldier can equip a helmet, body armor, primary weapon, secondary weapon, melee weapon, backpack, and consumable items such as bandages or grenades. Each soldier also has a simple skill tree where you can unlock small passive bonuses.

The combat feels pretty ok. It sort of captures the same feeling as playing X-COM where you have to plan out each move and play carefully or else your entire team wipes. It is pretty stressful and not something I’d want to do for a relaxing, casual time haha.

Overall, Recon Control is a simple but brutally punishing turn based strategy game. Fans of the genre and difficult game play will probably find some sort of entertainment from this game while others looking for a more relaxing time will probably want to avoid this.

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