Giants Uprising Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by VARSAV Game Studio – November 2, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Giants Uprising is a game full of destruction and mayhem. You play a giant paired up with a tiny human rider wreaking nonstop carnage on hundreds and thousands of tiny, puny humans.

Destroying everything in sight is pretty fun. I would like it better if the stamina bar did not deplete so quickly however.

The game is pretty fun at its core. You play a giant, smashing everything in sight. It hearkens back to simpler times where you focus on the core game play and there’s not much fluff anywhere else.

You have a lot of moves at your disposal but most of the time the running charge will suffice.

As the giant, you have some abilities at your disposal. You can punch, do an overhead strike, block, dodge, and stomp the ground. You can also pick up weapons to use or throw. As you deal damage, you restore your health so the humans are not much of a threat most of the time. Thanks to the destruction based health regeneration, I just ended up doing a charge attack through everything for most levels and survived just fine.

Occasionally there will be massive turrets and traps firing projectiles at you. These are a real threat so I would prioritize destroying them first. You can simply throw weapons at them or if they are built on scaffolding, just bulldoze through them.

The game has narrative delivered via still images and voice acting. The voice acting is ok for the most part.

On top of this is a loose narrative of betrayal and conspiracy. Most of the scenes are voice acted and while the voice acting is solid most of the time, there are some performances that are distinctly subpar.

Unfortunately the game has some massive flaws. For starters, the game performs very poorly. The graphics and frame rate look fine but there’s a noticeable delay to everything. I have an Nvida card so I used the control panel to force the V-Sync option off and it made the game much more playable. And then there is the matter of game breaking bugs. I ran into a bug where at one segment of the game, I died and the game restarted the checkpoint but without the way points active. Without the way points, I could not complete the area and unlock the next level. The only solution was to find the save files and delete them and start over again. This is not an acceptable level of polish.

Hopefully the game gets more polish because I genuinely did have fun playing the game. The simple, mindless destruction is fun. The cheesy banter between the giant and rider grow on you. If the game gets the polish it desperately needs, it’ll definitely be a solid game.

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