That Flipping Mountain Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Jeff Weber – November 17, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $6.99 –

That Flipping Mountain is a simple game about a man trying to climb a mountain by doing flips. There’s going to be a lot of falling but it’s not about reaching the destination, it’s about the journey. Speaking of flipping, this game induces the same rage as games like Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy so be prepared to flip your tables and break your controllers.

The controls are simple. You set the trajectory with left mouse button and fling yourself forward!

The game’s controls are very simple. You hold your mouse’s left button to set the desired trajectory and release to fling yourself forward. You can press the left mouse button again to tuck in and increase rotational speed. This is key as a lot of the sloped surfaces require you to land on your feet. If you don’t land on your feet, you’ll slide right off…and usually end up losing a lot of progress.

Certain slopes require you to land on your feet. If you don’t…bad things will happen.

The game feels pretty ok to play thanks to the simplicity of the controls. The game play does feel more one dimensional due to the controls as well. Since a key element of progressing is mastering landing on your feet, once you get a feel for the rotational movement in the game, it becomes significantly easier. It is still very difficult, however, as one mistake can set you back quite a bit.

This is the map in it’s glorious entirety. Good luck if you want to climb to the top.

Overall, That Flipping Mountain is a game that will challenge and frustrate many players. It’ll definitely feel rewarding once you finish it, but at what cost! Think of all the broken furniture and accessories!

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