Expeditions: Rome Gameplay Preview – Everything is on Fire!

Before going into the turn based combat and production of this game, both of which are very solid by the way, I have to go over the Twitch integration available for this game. Now I know not everyone playing the game is a streamer but I'd highly encourage people to check it out if they can stream the game to some friends. The Twitch integration brings an already solid and well polished game to another level. Continue reading TExpeditions: Rome Gameplay Preview - Everything is on Fire!

Disciples: Liberation Gameplay Preview

Disciples: Liberation is a fantastic turn based strategy role playing game. It manages to capture the old school role playing feeling with the punishing tactical combat and the presentation of the game. It also streamlines some elements of game play to make it a much more accessible game and keeps the focus on the combat and role playing. Continue reading Disciples: Liberation Gameplay Preview