Bonfire Peaks Gameplay Preview

Developed by Corey Martin, published by Draknek – September 30, 2021 (X1, PS4, S, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Bonfire Peaks is a pretty difficult puzzle game. The basic premise and mechanics are very simple. For each level, you must carry a crate of goods into the bonfire. There are some additional rules that restrict your movement and figuring out ways around those restrictions make up the bulk of the puzzle.

The game is fairly simple, you must manipulate blocks to navigate the level and bring the crate into the bonfire.

The game is pretty well designed. The game starts you off with very basic puzzles, with the title of the level giving you subtle hints on how to solve them. Each level teaches you new methods of manipulating the crates. For example, one level introduces the mechanic of using a box and rotating it to push other crates into the desired positions.

I like to think myself fairly decent at puzzle games but boy did I get stuck in a lot of the early levels. Kudos to the level designer.

Not only is the game designed well, it’s actually quite challenging. The game did get pretty difficult for me fairly quickly and I managed to get proper stuck on a few of the levels. I’m more of a logic puzzle solver and manipulation of objects in a three dimensional space is definitely one of my weaker areas so it’s entirely possible I’m just bad at this game.

Moving on from the game design, the minimal voxel art style and calm ambient backing track work well together to keep the focus on the puzzles without being a distraction.

Overall, Bonfire Peaks is a fantastic puzzle game. The game keeps the core mechanics simple and intuitive yet find ways to make it extremely challenging.

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