Ultra Age Gameplay Preview

Developed by Next Stage Inc, Visual DART CO LTD, published by Next Stage Inc – September 9, 2021 (PS4, S, PC)
*MSRP: $29.99 – https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/ultra-age-switch/

Ultra Age looks a little bit underdeveloped at first glance. The levels are a bit bare bones and feel empty, the graphics look plain, and the voice acting is sub par. The actual game play however, feels fantastic.

Even when surrounded by many enemies, you can dash through attacks as shown above. It feels great when you pull off a series of successfully dodges one after the other.

The combat of Ultra Age feels great. It’s incredibly fast paced, action heavy, and stylish. The reason why the combat works so well is that you have a very generous dash move to dodge enemy attacks. Once you dodge successfully, you have a small period of invincibility. This lets you take on multiple enemies at the same time. You’re zooming through enemy attacks and counter attacking and it feels fantastic.

Katana’s work well against biological enemies. Most weapons have an aerial attack that let you close the gap.

Another reason why the combat feels so great is the weapon rotation system. You have four weapons, the basic sword, a katana, a large claymore, and a lightning sword. Each sword has strengths against certain enemies. For example, the katana will do extra damage against biological enemies while the claymore will do more against your robotic foes. Your later encounters will have mixed groups so you’ll need to switch between all your weapons. Each weapon has a set of combos and they all feel satisfying.

When a weapon is near breaking, you can execute a charged attack to deal extra damage. The combat feels extremely fluid when you can use all the mechanics.

Each weapon has a durability meter and once a weapon is close to breaking, you can activate a powerful charged attack. On top of all this, you have a whip move that will let you pull in smaller enemies towards you. When you combine all of these mechanics together, you get combat encounters that feel incredibly fast and fluid.

There is a simple upgrade tree for your weapons and abilities.

Overall, the game does have it’s flaws but they’re easy to overlook with the combat being so solid. The level design does feel plain, empty, and repetitive. The voice acting is definitely sub par as well. Ultra Age is definitely not a perfect game but there’s plenty of fun to be had here with the combat.

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