Lumberjack Simulator Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Exponential Games Inc – October 3, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Lumberjack Simulator is a simulator about cutting down trees. It’s pretty bare bones for a sim game.

The cutting mechanic is very underwhelming in Lumberjack Simulator. There are no animations at all.

For a game about cutting down trees, the cutting mechanic is pretty unsatisfying. You start out with a chainsaw and axe and simply just hold down the mouse button to keep a line steady. There’s no animation and the tree is just simply cut once you finish the minigame.

Once you save up money, you can purchase the larger vehicles to facilitate the harvesting process.

You take on gigs and deliver the necessary wood (some orders have required dimensions that you need to measure) needed to get paid. You can save up money for the larger vehicles which make cutting and transporting the logs in mass quantities much more convenient.

The game has severe performance issues with bugs and unstable frame rates.

The game will definitely appeal to some. People looking for a relaxing grind will find some potential here in the repetitive and mundane nature often found in these sim games. However, the game is quite lacking in things to do and the performance is unstable. For example, my vehicles sank through the terrain in some sections and the frame rate went very low, sometimes to five frames per second, on even a decent machine.

Overall, Lumberjack Simulator at it’s current state is a bit lacking. There is some appeal in the mechanics but the limited amount of content and unstable performance hold it back from reaching is full potential.

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