Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle Season One Gameplay Preview

Developed and published by Tanuki-sama Studios – July 9, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $8.99 –

Nina Aquila Legal Eagle is a role playing game where you play as a defense attorney. It’s heavily inspired by the Phoenix Wright series, and I do mean heavily inspired.

You play as Nina Aquila, a newbie defense attorney. This is your mentor figure Anya.

The game is a 2D sprite based role playing game made in RPG Maker. You play the role of Nina Aquila, a brand new defense attorney. The game starts with you undertaking your first trial of defending a young woman wrongfully accused of arson.

The main meat of the game is in the court trials. There’s always more than meets the eye.

As you press the witnesses and present evidence, the truth always rises to the surface and each case has more than meets the eye. The first tutorial case ends with a jilted damsel in a love triangle setting the building on fire in an attempt to kill her best friend out of jealousy. And that is just the first case. There is also an overarching story line filled with drama, mystery, and suspense weaving the individual chapters together.

Nina Aquila has an over world map where you can explore different areas.

Narrative structure aside, the game play is very similar to Phoenix Wright. You walk around the crime scenes, talk to the defendants and witnesses for information, collect evidence, and then start the trial. In the trial, you can press the witnesses to look for inconsistencies, and then present evidence to reveal lies.

The game actually has decent writing. The cases are well done. They give you enough hints to put together a rough picture but not enough to spot the details. When the details are finally revealed and everything comes together, it’s pretty satisfying.

There’s a silly anime montage at the start of each chapter. The music is pretty darn loud though.

Overall, Nina Aquila Legal Eagle Season One is a solid game that successfully pays homage to Phoenix Wright.

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