Temple of Snek Gameplay Preview – Sneeeeeeeeeek!!

Developed by Aetheric Games, published by Pixeljam – August 18, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $TBA9 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1208590/Temple_Of_Snek/

Temple of Snek takes the classic snake formula and adds some refreshing new twists to the mechanics.

The baby snek is so cute!

You start the game as a very cute baby snake in a temple. For some unknown purposes, the caretakers of the temple are guiding you into becoming a long snake. Eating a human will make you grow longer whereas running into any wall, yourself, spikes, and doors will count as a loss and reset the game to the last check point.

You navigate the rooms of the temple one by one. Each room contains its own puzzle. It starts off simple and requires you to navigate around spikes and press switches. The puzzles slowly grow more complicated where you have to press multiple switches at the same time whilst avoiding spikes, attacks from humans, and falling to your death.

The game is sort of like a metroidvania game where you have to backtrack to previous areas to unlock new ones once you have grown long enough. The game keeps the mechanics fresh by adding in new puzzle mechanics to master.

Overall, Temple of Snek is a solid puzzle game. It takes the classic snake formula and builds on it in new and ingenious ways. The puzzles are pretty simple at first but get pretty difficult later on. Throw in the interconnected rooms and you have a compelling game to keep puzzle fans occupied.

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