Toru Gameplay Preview – Platformer Bullet Hell

Developed and published by Vadd Games – May 29, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $8.99 –

Toru combines two genres I didn’t think was possible before, platformers and bullet hell and it works out surprisingly well.

Toru combines a platformer with a bullet hell. It sounds strange but it works pretty well.

If you’re wondering how a platforming bullet hell works, the approach is pretty straightforward. You have a small level with platforms you can jump on. Enemies spawn all around the map and spew out bullets everywhere. To defeat the enemies you pick up boxes randomly spawned around the level and throw it at them.

You have to navigate around the levels to avoid enemy attacks and find weapons.

Other than a dash move which lets you dodge bullets, you have to avoid enemy attacks by jumping around and platforming. Since the boxes spawn in random locations as well, you need to navigate the level to go get them. This creates a rhythm in the game play where you are dodging bullets while navigating the levels to pick up weapons, navigate back to a strategic location, and finally throw the weapons at the enemies.

The game does feel bare bones at times but it does try to provide variety through upgrades and new enemies.

The game adds in a little bit of variety to the formula by introducing new enemy types, new attack patterns, boss fights, and new weapons to throw, each with a special effect. You also collect currency as you play the game and it can be used to purchase upgrades for your character.

Overall, Toru is a pretty solid game. The blending of the two genres created an interesting approach to platforming. It’s not too difficult but it isn’t a total cake walk either.

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