Lumberhill Gameplay Preview – Lumberjack and sheep herding mayhem

Developed by 2BIGo, ARP Games, published by All in! Games – June 13, 2021 (Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 –

Lumberhill is a pretty goofy co-op party game where you chop down trees and herd sheep. You can definitely play it solo as well without much difficulty but there’s definitely less silly moments to be had. I quite enjoyed party games such as Tools Up! and Overcooked and Lumberhill is proving to be quite the fun experience as well.

The game gives you tasks to complete in an allotted time. The challenge comes from managing your time!

The game play of Lumberhill is very simple. The game will provide you with tasks you must complete in the allotted time. You can chop down two types of trees and bring the logs to the saw mill, or you can herd sheep or goats into the barn for the early levels.

The level design can be evil at times. It has a lot of gaps, holes, and cliffs where you can fall off by blunder or interference from your teammate.

It sounds very simple and it certainly would be were it not for the dastardly design of the levels. Whoever designed the levels did a fantastic job of making sure you’d be most inclined to fall to your death multiple times. Throw in multiple people running, jumping, and swinging axes around willy nilly and you have a recipe for disaster. This creates for a rather chaotic but enjoyable experience.

The game is not difficult by any means but it certainly is rewarding to do a perfect run.

The game forces concentration, coordination, and teamwork in order to succeed. It is incredibly satisfying when you pull off a perfect run and get all three stars and the silver axe. The game is not difficult at all and each level should only take a few attempts to get all objectives. Playing single player is actually easier than multiplayer sometimes as the levels scale based on the amount of players and you get more objectives to complete at the same time along with a higher score requirement.

Overall, the Lumberhill is just simple, plain fun. It does a great job of keeping the mechanics very simple and instead puts the focus on time management and teamwork. It does provide some simple cosmetic and level unlocks to provide a feeling of progression. The fact that you can hit your own teammates off the map so they fall to their death is both hilarious and infuriating. Friendships may be broken by playing this game.

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