Outworlder Playtest (Farworld Pioneers) Gameplay Preview – Spiritual Sucessor to Starbound

Developed and published by Igloosoft (PC)
*MSRP: TBA – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1363900/Outworlder/

Outworlder feels like the spiritual successor to Starbound. It’s a 2D survival crafting game with a space faring element.

You start the game crash landing on the surface of an unexplored planet.

The game starts you off on an unexplored planet’s surface where you and a few of your crew have crashed landed in life pods. You start off with a few basic supplies, like a pickaxe, flashlight, guns and ammo.

Ah the familiar embrace of survival crafting games, endless mining!

Night is quickly approaching and the resident animal life turn rather hostile in the darkness. Your first goal is to set up a tiny shelter as a base of operations. After establishing a headquarters, you can then freely explore the planet. You can pick up your crewmates that drop near you or start chopping down trees for wood and digging into the depths to mine for iron and copper.

Your crewmates take care of a lot of things from researching new technologies to crafting items and cooking food. They’re very handy!

Doing everything by yourself can be quite tedious so the game has interesting automation features built in. Each crew member has certain skills and can operate certain workstations. Each workstation can have orders queued. As long as there are sufficient resources and a crew member who can operate it, that workstation will continue to operate automatically. This is quite a handy feature as you can queue up orders and have things built and researched while you go off and do other things.

You can also equip your crewmates with weapons and tools and have them join your squad and help out with tasks. The game offers a lot of automated help with the npc teammates to help cut down on repetitive and tedious labor.

Overall, Outworlder is shaping up to be another fine survival crafting game. It scratches that same itch Starbound and Terraria satisfied. It adds in interesting automation functions and more interactions with the npc crewmates.

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