Orbital Bullet Gameplay Preview – 360 Roguelite

Developed by SmokeStab, published by Assemble Entertainment, WhisperGames – April 22, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $12.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1167680/Orbital_Bullet__The_360_Roguelite/

Orbital Bullet is a roguelite that takes place on circular levels that wrap around completely. Your bullets, as well as the enemies’, will wrap around the level, hence the name of the game.

The bullets wrap around the level, hence the name of the game.

The game feels pretty great to play and the controls feel pretty snappy. You can dodge roll through enemy attacks with ease (thanks Dark Souls). As with most roguelites, you start the game with a default weapon, the pistol, which is not that great. As you explore the levels, you will unlock new weapons such as shotguns, heavy machine guns, and rocket launchers. The rocket launcher is my personal favorite but it will definitely kill you since you take damage from your own explosions if you don’t have the self damage reduction skill.

The progression in the game feels pretty fair. After each run, I was able to unlock at least one permanent passive upgrade and at least one new weapon. The permanent upgrades are pretty typical to roguelites and can range from a multi-use health item to reducing currency loss after death.

The rocket launcher is one fantastic weapon but one silly downside is that it’s hard to see anything once you start spamming it!

The game is currently in early access and can be completed in about three hours or so. The game featured three biomes and it was pretty difficult until I unlocked the healing upgrades and then the rocket launcher carried me all the way to the end. It’s a pretty fun and relatively stress free roguelite.

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