Buildings Have Feelings Too! Gameplay Preview – City Building Puzzle Game

Developed by Blackstaff Games, published by Merge Games, Maple Whispering Limited – April 22, 2021 (PS4, Xbox 1, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Buildings Have Feelings Too! is a city planning puzzle game. The main gist of the game is to maximize the city’s “appeal” by constructing the correct buildings next to each other. It sounds simple in concept but is actually difficult to do.

Each city has a wide variety of buildings you can build, each with their own unique attributes.

In each city, you have a wide selection of buildings to pick from. Once they are built, you can assign one business to each structure. Each building takes up a different amount of space physically and can house only certain businesses. For example, the residential buildings take up three slots and can house residences or retail shops such as grocers.

For the Distillery shown, it needs one factory, two residences (or one high level residence), and a grocer nearby before you can level it up.

Since you have a limited amount of space and a limited amount of each building type, it requires a lot of planning to build the correct layout in order to get the maximum “appeal” levels. To increase appeal, you have to level up enough individual buildings. To do so, each business requires other specific businesses to be built around them before you can level them up. For example, the pub requires apartments to be built near it before it can be leveled up. Later on, the pub will require a distillery to increase its appeal even further. The distillery comes at a cost however, because it creates pollution, which happens to decrease the appeal of any nearby residential areas. You can see how this can get quite difficult to create a layout that will work.

There’s an involved tech tree where you unlock new businesses by maximizing the business. For example, if you max out a pub, you will unlock cafes.

Overall, Buildings Have Feelings Too is a neat take on city planning and does a great job combining it with light puzzle elements. Some of the mechanics are a bit obtuse so I would recommend taking your time through the tutorial levels and messing around with everything that is available.

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