Sir Lovelot Gameplay Preview – Old school platformer

Developed and published by – March 3, 2021 (PS4/5, Xbox One, Switch, PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

Sir Lovelot is an old school platformer about a knight going from castle to castle in the search for true love. He sure gets around though because he meets and breaks up with a princess for every level and let’s just say there are many levels.

Your main goal is to help the knight woo the princess in order to find true love. There seem to be a lot of princesses though…

The game is pretty simple but challenging. Your main goal is to help the knight get flowers in order to woo the princess at the end of the level. As the levels progress you’ll have to collect more items, such as a ring in addition to the flower, in order to win them over. To help the knight, you can move him around and double jump, shoot bullets, and dash around.

The platformer requires some precise movements and jumps, like Super Meat Boy.

The game may sound simple but the platforming can get a bit challenging. There are some tricky jumps to make and everything, from the environmental obstacles to enemies, will kill you in one hit. If you die, you simply respawn immediately back into the level so death will only be a slight inconvenience. The controls feel pretty good and responsive, even playing on keyboard. It reminded me of an easier version of Super Meat Boy. I would still highly recommend using a controller for this game though.

Finding all the golden geese will be a challenge as some are well hidden.

Each level also has collectables and secrets. In order to fully complete each level you will need to collect all the coins, golden geese, and finish the level under a certain amount of deaths. The golden geese are hidden in secret passage ways so it encourages you to explore each level carefully. This creates even more of a challenge and increases the replayability of the game.

Overall, Sir Lovelot is a solid platformer. It’s challenging but lenient and controls well. The art style works well for the game. It should take roughly four hours to complete the game depending in the skill level of the person playing.

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