Size Matters Gameplay Preview – Find the antidote before you shrink!

Developed by Mazen Games, published by GrabTheGames – March 12, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

Size Matters is a pretty interesting puzzle game where you are a lab scientist that has accidentally shrunk yourself. You have a limited amount of time to gather all the necessary key ingredients for the antidote before you shrink out of existence.

The game takes place in a lab and your main goal is to create the three key ingredients for the antidote. Depending on the difficulty level you are playing at, you will need to find all the chemicals and formulas in order to start creating the antidote.

There are formulas spread throughout the lab. Memorizing all of them can be painful if you’re operating on no sleep like me.

There will be formulas on clipboards hidden throughout the lab as well as some formulas scribbled on the chalkboard and bulletin board. These formulas use the base chemicals found in the lab and one of three pieces of equipment: the microwave, the chemical processor, and the code combiner. The microwave simply changes one chemical into a new one. The chemical processor will combine two chemicals and the code combiner requires one chemical and one key code to transform it into a needed key ingredient.

The chemical processor will combine two chemicals to create a new one. It’s a time consuming process so plan ahead!

The goal is to successfully follow the formulas to create the components of the three key ingredients needed for the antidote before time runs out. As time progresses, your height continues to decrease. As you get smaller, it gets harder to reach the lab equipment and objects located on the tables so you have to move around boxes and chairs to make makeshift ramps and jump your way back to the tables.

As the game progresses, you are still shrinking. The later stages require you to create ramps to be able to jump back on the tables.

Overall, Size Matters is a pretty interesting take on a puzzle game. It tests your short term memory and how quickly you can think on your feet. Since all three pieces of lab equipment take a considerable amount of time to finish their tasks, you have to be strategic about the order in which you make the components to save as much time as possible. The game feels pretty hectic in the latter stages when you have to shuffle around make shift ramps just to access the tables. It felt pretty great when I finally managed to make the antidote. There is only one small downside for this game. Even with all the customization options for each run, I can see the game getting a bit stale once you achieved some level of mastery in it. This isn’t a dig against the game but just an observation. It’s still definitely a game worth checking out.

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