Hot Brass Gameplay Preview – Tactical Swat Simulator

Developed by Walk with Kings, published by Treasure Hunters FanClub – February 26, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $14.99 –

Hot Brass is a tactical swat simulator. The character icons are simple circles but the game is surprisingly fast paced and challenging.

The briefing screen gives you some backstory, a list of main objectives, and some side objectives.

You start off the game by picking any of the available missions. When you first start out, you will only have the tutorial and one beginner mission available and will have to complete it to unlock new ones. Each mission has a briefing stage and an equipment stage. The briefing stage gives you a little bit of backstory and a list of objectives you need to clear in order to complete the mission. Every mission also has some side objectives like completing the level under a certain amount of time.

You can change your loadout on the equipment screen. You can unlock new gear by completing missions.

The equipment stage lets you change your loadout. You can equip armor, tactical gear, one primary weapon, one secondary, and two grenades. You unlock new gear by completing missions. You can modify your loadout to suit your playstyle. For example, the heavier armors lets you take more hits but you can’t move as fast.

You need to clear every marked room in order to finish the mission.

Once the mission starts, you must clear each room as you work your way up to the main objective. As you go room to room, you must shout each person down until they go on the ground or resist arrest. The unarmed resistors must be tased while the armed ones must be neutralized with gunfire or else they will kill you. Everyone on the ground must be handcuffed.

It’s hard to show in pictures but the game in motion feels incredibly fast paced and like you’re playing a shooter.

Doing all of these things properly will take a lot of coordination and effort. It makes the game feel very tactical and you and your team have to be very methodical in order to complete all the objectives. It’s incredibly satisfying to successfully breach multiple rooms simultaneously. You can play the game solo but it is much harder to meet some side objectives, mainly the time trial ones.

Overall, Hot Brass looks like a simple overhead swat simulator but it feels incredibly fast paced, responsive, and exhilarating. It’s incredibly satisfying to complete a run successfully, especially with a full team. It requires much more coordination and tactics than I thought it would and the level of team work required reminded me a little bit of when I was playing Payday 2 with my friends.

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