Naudrion: Fall of the Empire Gameplay Preview – Janky Openworld RPG

Developed and published by Aleksey Skvortsov – December 25, 2020 (PC)
*MSRP: $9.99 –

Naudrion: Fall of the Empire is an open world role playing game developed by what seems to be a one man team.

The game’s textures look very muddy and low rez. It doesn’t look great but you do get used to it.

The game is in early access and it has plenty of jank. The textures seem to be at a low resolution and as a result look very muddy. The animations are underdeveloped and there are plenty of overall bugs and unpolished areas.

You get some strange quests when talking to NPCS, like this fellow who wants you to steal a sweet roll. The game kind of grows on you the more you play it.

Despite all of this, the game shows some promise. It felt like the old school open world rpgs such as Morrowind, except more casual and with lower production values. You travel across a wide open world and defeat monsters and take on quests. The game doesn’t hold your hand or give you much direction for many things so you really are off on your own. It makes it feel like you are really exploring and starts growing on you if you like these sort of games.

The game’s combat is pretty simple, with one main hand weapon and one off hand. You need to press the ‘F’ key to equip your weapon for use by the way. I had to look into the key binds to figure this out. You can also learn skills from masters but it does cost quite a bit of gold to do so.

I tried climbing the mountain with my horse, it almost worked.

Overall, Naudrion: Fall of the Empire is a pretty rough game. It’s nowhere near finished and almost everything lacks polish but there’s a glimmer of potential there. The more I kept playing the game, the more it grew on me. There’s something charming about exploring this world and interacting with the people in it, even with all the jank. If the game has continued development, it should turn out to be a promising game so I will definitely keep my eye on it.

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