Horror Squad – School Full Solo Run

Developed and published by Cheesecake Dev – February 26, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $4.99 – https://store.steampowered.com/app/1506620/Horror_Squad/

This is a short preview and guide on how to do a full solo run for the school level in Horror Squad.

Horror Squad is a ghost hunting simulator similar to games like Phasmophobia. In Horror Squad you search for clues in an abandoned school to figure out how to purge the apparition that is currently haunting it. It’s a pretty decent game for the price but as of now the school is the only playable level as far as I can tell.

Short Guide:
Item Locations –
– Blue Key – 2nd floor, end of hallway if you go right as you exit the staircase, in the window sill next to pope baby
– Red Key – 1st floor, end of long curving hallway if you go left as you exit staircase, on the sink
– Yellow Key -1st floor, classroom right next to the staircase, in the back storage room

– CD – open blue door – 1st floor near stair case
– Safe Key Code – open red door – 2nd floor on the left as you exit staircase, written in blood on the wall
– OS Serial Key – open yellow door – 2nd floor near staircase – inside the safe
– Door Key Code – on computer in office, last email – 1st floor on left as you exit staircase past the fallen furniture

– Knife – stuck in lady in red door room
– Baby mask – on desk near entrance in yellow room
– Candle 1 – 1st floor – Gym – inside duct near center
– Candle 2 – last stall of bathroom close to gym
– Candle 3 – near back of class room with the yellow key
– Candle 4 – near baby mask on second floor yellow room
– Tome – near Chewbacca in lab

Long Guide:
To start off, I would go straight to the third story, collecting all the bullets along the way. You can only hold six, so you can’t grab more than that. Grab the axe at the top and come back down to the second floor. The axe will let you down both the knife guy and the running lady but it does take a little bit of practice. The attack animation of the axe is slow so attack a little earlier than you think you need to. Once at the second floor, head right all the way down and look a the window near the wall on the right side. There is a pope baby and a blue key there. Take the blue key. Head back the way you came and go back down to the first floor. You can swap out to the gun once you are back at the first floor and just shoot the monsters. While you are exploring, make sure to shoot all the rats you see, there will be six.

At the first floor, turn right and enter the classroom near the stairs. Go all the way back into the little storage room and take the yellow key on the right cabinet. As you exit the storage room, grab the candle on the right hand side near the back of the room. Continue to exit the room and head left. Go all the way around the hallway and past the door with the keypad. Going straight from here you should find the door to the bathroom. The red key is on the sink close to the entrance. Make sure to go to the last stall of the bathroom at the end of the hall and open it to find another candle. As you exit the bathroom, turn right and go straight to enter the gym. Make sure to take the candle near the center, inside one of the fallen ducts.

Exit the gym and continue right until you find the door with the colored lock. Open it and enter the room. Go all the way back and grab the CD. Exit the room and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Go to the left side and open the red lock. Inside is the ritual room. Grab the knife stuck in the lady. Look at the back wall for the code written in blood. This is the safe code. Write this down.

Head back out and continue straight until you hit the yellow lock. Go inside and grab the baby mask on the desk near the entrance. Go and grab the candle behind the flipped table near by. Go to the back and open the safe using the safe code and write down the OS serial key. Head out and back down the stairs to the first floor. The numbers are randomized each time you play the game so you can’t use the same numbers again.

Take a left and go straight until you hit a door. This is the office space. Turn on the computer, open the CD tray, insert the CD, and close it again. The computer will boot into a repair menu and ask for a serial key. Enter the serial key here. Wait for the PC to reboot. Remember the monster can attack you while operating the PC so pay attention to the audio cues and you can either shoot him or go hide in the closet nearby. Once the PC boots, look at the last email and write down the door code. Exit the office and head right, back towards the gym and the door with the key pad. Enter the key code and proceed.

The tome is near Chewbacca. Just run in and grab it and run straight back out and you shouldn’t get hurt.

The lab part is easy, just go straight and then there will be a small door on the left side. Open it and proceed past the door and up the ramp to jump scare reveal of Chewbacca. Just go into the room and grab the tome on the desk and run all the way back. Head to the 2nd floor ritual room and place all the objects down. If you didn’t shoot all the rats, you will need to shoot all 6 down. After the rats are gone, you can just blast the knife guy in the face until he’s dead. He does more damage here so make sure heal up in-between attacks and as you look for more ammo.

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