Alien Life Simulator Gameplay Preview – Roguelike

Developed and published by J6 Games – February 18, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $24.99 –

Alien Life Simulator is a simple rogue like where you play as a nameless alien on the quest for survival.

You start off at your home village and from here you can take food, craft needed supplies, and heal yourself. The food comes from the village’s stockpile so if you take all of it, the village will starve. When you die, you lose all your items so some resource management is needed if everyone is to survive. You can replenish the food supply by harvesting creature essence from defeated monsters and bringing it back to your village.

Gate crackers let you access portals, the main way of traveling between the floating islands.

To travel around in the world of Alien Life Simulator, you need gate crackers to activate portals. One gate cracker will let you activate one portal, so crafting multiple ahead of time is necessary. You can also craft some ammo for new guns that you will find by exploring and opening chests.

The main gameplay loop is defeating monsters, harvesting materials, and exploring.

The general gameplay loop consists of you taking portals to new islands, defeating the monsters, collecting the dropped materials, and looking for chests to open. Once in a while, you will come across a stargate which requires an address made up of four symbols. I took one such gate and it led me to an icy world with a large worm like monster.

The game looks and feels very unpolished in its current state.

Overall, Alien Life Simulator is a pretty lack luster roguelike in its current state. The game looks and feels very unpolished. For example, the creatures drop loot before their death animation starts and their hp bar is still shown. When you fire the first shot, it always shoots down at the ground and then you can start aiming with a cursor, which is not visible when not in combat. It makes the shooting feel a bit rough. I can go on but I’ll focus on the positives of the game. The game does feel like an old school explorative roguelike where you have to patiently explore each area to find pathways to new areas and loot. The game needs way more polish but it does show some promise.

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