Mutropolis Gameplay Preview – Point & Click Adventure

Developed by Pirita Studio, Published by Application Systems Heidelberg – February 18, 2021 (PC)
*MSRP: $19.99 –

Mutropolis is an old school point and click adventure game. You play the role of Henry Dijon, a Martian archaeologist, who has traveled back to Earth. You and your team are on the search for the long lost, legendary city of Mutropolis.

Things take an unexpected turn, and Totel, the man leading the expedition, is kidnapped by what appears to be a large dog-man moments before making a key discovery. From here, you are on the search to rescue Totel by finding hints left behind by him. The hints will hopefully help you narrow down the location of the long lost city. And here your adventures begins.

Jones Hatman, one of many, misunderstood cultural references by these Martians.

The narrative, dialogue, and overall writing are well done. The lines are full of intelligent and very dry humor as well as some hilariously misunderstood cultural references from the perspective of the Martians who have never lived on Earth. Each line of dialogue is also delivered by some exceptional voice acting and this gives the game a very cinematic feel.

The hand drawn art style works well with the game and the small facial animations on the characters lend them some extra charm when paired with the voice acting. The writing and voice over performances bring the characters to life and make them feel closer to real individuals.

Some of the puzzles require multiple steps and some out of the box thinking but it never feels unfair.

The puzzle solving element of Mutropolis is also excellent. It follows the formula of the more traditional point and click adventure games. You have to hunt for items you can interact with, and then use said items in creative ways to solve the puzzles. The puzzles do follow a loose sort of logic and the game gives you plenty of subtle hints on what to do next. Some parts were a bit difficult but by paying attention to details combined with out of the box thinking lead to the solution every time. For example, you need a mojito to feed to a plant that subsists off of pure alcohol, very relatable. To do so, you need to provide the person with a replacement beverage by transplanting a Martian chili onto a globe, harvest the chili with a lab coat as oven mitts (it being literally hot), fill the empty pot with water, heat the water using the literally hot chili, and then infuse the tea. That should give you an idea of what kind of puzzles to expect.

This trash can was one of the funniest cameos I have ever seen.

Overall, Mutropolis is an excellent and well produced point and click adventure game. Everything from the art, to the writing, voice acting, and puzzle designs are well done. The puzzles and overall wholesome and silly behavior of the people brought back memories of playing older titles such as The Secret of Monkey Island.

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