*SUPERHOT: MIND CONTROL DELETE developed and published by SUPERHOT Team – July 16, 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
*MSRP: $24.99 (Steam) –

The SUPERHOT Team is back with more time slowing, glass shattering, bullet puzzles with MIND CONTROL DELETE. The minimalistic but clean art style combines well with the fast paced puzzle sequences and makes the action the focus of the game.

Time advances very slowly in the world of SUPERHOT when standing still but will progress at a more normal pace when you start moving around. This lets you take your time and carefully plan your moves as you start your symphony of destruction.

It feels very satisfying when you can successfully chain off a combo of kills.

The goal is the clear the room of enemies by any means necessary. You can pick up and throw any black object at enemies, which in turn, will stun them temporarily and cause them to drop their weapons. You can also pick up weapons or steal them from enemies to use them to clear the rooms. Each gun has a delay between shooting a round off so you need to alternate between shooting and throwing items to chain together a quick succession of kills.

At certain points in a level, you will be able to select upgrades that you’ve unlocked to help make each run easier.

As you play the game, you will unlock upgrades that you can choose to use per level. The upgrades may do things such as increase the damage of thrown items, make thrown items explode on impact, make bullets ricochet off of walls towards enemies, and etc.

Nothing like throwing a binder at someone’s face. Knowledge is power.

The upgrades are vital as you only have a certain number of hits you can take before you have to restart a level. It starts off at a difficulty which you can handle fairly easily and then slowly ramps it up by introducing new enemy types and more enemies. For example, some enemies will only die when hit on a certain limb, or explode into lethal shrapnel once killed.

Overall, MIND CONTROL DELETE isn’t a traditional FPS game but more of a first person puzzle game. It’s incredibly fast paced despite the slow time progress and packed with action. Fans of the original have more SUPERHOT action to look forward to and new players are in for a treat.

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