Destroy All Humans! Gameplay Preview – A nostalgic trip back in time

*Destroy All Humans developed by Black Forest Games, Pandemic Studios, published by THQ Nordic – July 28, 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)
*MSRP: $29.99 (Steam) –

Destroy All Humans is a remaster of the original 2005 release and it sure feels like a nostalgic trip back through time. I remember playing this game way back then on my trusty Playstation 2. Surprisingly enough, the game still holds in this day and age. They did a fantastic job remastering the game for modern times.

Destroy All Humans is basically an open world sandbox game where you play as Crypto, an alien set on mindless violence, mayhem, and of course, the destruction of all humans, that goes without saying.

The writing is witty and full of sharp satire. It hearkens back to a time when everything was made fun of.

You can play through the campaign missions, which have a heavy emphasis on narrative as you follow Crypto on his journey of senseless violence. The writing is incredibly witty and full of sharp satire. No one is safe from being probed, both from Crypto and the humor.

No cow is safe from Crypto.

You are also free to explore each area to find collectables, complete side quests (such as abducting cows), or just destroy everything in sight. You can also replay previous missions to complete all the side objectives. Doing all of these tasks will earn you DNA, which you can spend on upgrading your arsenal of weapons or your space ship.

This game is a party and everyone is invited!

Overall, the core game play loop still holds up, with enough incentives that encourage replaying levels and exploring the sandbox. The game introduces enough variety as the missions progress, so that the player always has a new mechanic to master and play around with. The writing is incredibly witty, full of sharp satire. Destroy All Humans isn’t just a great remaster, time has shown that the core game play loop is still engaging and fun. Fans of the original game and new players alike both have something to look forward to.

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