My Beautiful Paper Smile Gameplay Preview – Hand drawn horror

*My Beautiful Paper Smile developed by Two Star Games, published by V Publishing – June 19, 2020
*MSRP: $14.99 (Steam) –

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a hand drawn horror game that leaves you feeling unsettled. The game does have some unexpected jump scares, but it relies mostly on creating a sense of constant tension and anxiety.

The art and sound design of the game is fantastic. It creates a constant sense of unease.

The hand drawn art is disturbing in a great way and helps create the atmosphere of constant unease and tension. In addition to the fantastic art is the sound design. It is minimalistic in nature yet always there in the background, giving every moment a feeling of oppressive weight.

The narrative is intriguing as well, with many questions that need answering.

The story is intriguing as well, with the narrative unfolding at a rate where it reveals just enough to give hints as to what is happening yet creating new questions. The world of game is also incredibly bizarre and macabre but so is reality at times.

Overall, My Beautiful Paper Smile is a pleasantly unsettling horror game to play, preferably with the lights on and not by myself.

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