Pattern Gameplay Preview – A heartfelt game about game development

*Pattern by Galen Drew, Michael Bell, Badru, published by Ice Water Games – April 7, 2020
*MSRP: $14.99 (Steam) –

Pattern is similar to a walking simulator but not quite. You have limited controls, with WASD to move around, shift to run, and space bar to jump or glide in the air. You can pull up a camera with the right mouse button and take a picture with the left mouse button. All pictures are saved in your Steam screenshot directory.

The starting area of Pattern and the start of your journey!

For the game, you start off in a small lobby area and you activate campfires to go to another world. Each world is procedurally generated and contains colorful vistas and hidden structures, such as a pirate ship.

I’m on a boat.

As you progress through the worlds, you return to the starting area and this is where the game really takes off. As you go through the worlds again, you will find blue orbs that contain the thoughts of the developer as they were making this game.

These blue orbs contains the memories of the game developer.

Each blue orb contains more thoughts and as you progress through the game, it helps show how the gameplay and the worlds reflect the thoughts of the developer, as well as the process of making games.

The developer keeps it real and shares their thoughts and feelings in the process of making games.

Pattern is a game about making games, and as often is the case, it’s more about the journey rather than the destination.

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