The Escaper Gameplay Preview – Escape Room Escapades!

*The Escaper by Nocturnal Works, published by Nocturnal Works – March 9, 2020
*MSRP: $3.99 (Steam) –

The Escaper is an escape room game and a pretty solid one at that. Most of the rooms and puzzles are fairly designed. Most of the problems can be solved by logic and observation. There are a few puzzles where not clicking on the right object can lead you to miss a hint or item to help you solve something. The game does give you enough hints to logically deduce that such items can be interacted with though.

This one may throw some people off but focus on the pattern and you’ll get it!

One puzzle of note that may give some players difficulty is related to music but by listening to the pitch of the notes and noticing the general pattern, you can guess your way to the right solution because all that’s left is determining the space between the notes.

Specific details about some possible puzzle difficulties aside, I love escape room games. Escape room games are games where the main objective is to escape the room by solving logic based puzzles. I used to play them all the time back in my high school and college days, and they were usually flash games coming out of Japan. Once they became trendy, we started seeing a lot of western developers produce them and then they became real! Real, physical rooms you can go to in, in real life, and try to escape from. They’re great at ending friendships. I love going to escape rooms. If you guys have not gone to one, you should definitely do yourself a favor and check one out once quarantine ends.

The standard puzzle requires finding a combination for a locked drawer.

The Escaper is a well designed escape room game. Most of the puzzles can be solved by working backwards. By that I mean you look for what you would need to solve a puzzle. For example, you may need to open a locked drawer with a six digit number. Then you look at the items in the game that may possibly contain something that can be translated into a six digit number. By doing this, you can get through most of the puzzles. Some are pretty clever and unique in design and required a lot of user interaction. Without going into spoilers too much, one involved moving a robot and another one involved playing a mini video game.

It took me around one hour to solve each room and there are four rooms in this game. Each of the are fantastic and different in tone and I highly enjoyed playing this game.

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